How I make a piņata

I cut a shape out of cardboard.  Usually I use double corrugated cardboard, but I didn't have any so I cut four shapes out instead of two.

One finished shape.  Three more to go.

Now I make the sides, but not completely closed because there needs to be an opening for the candy and too much cardboard makes it too strong.  I roll the cardboard strips first so they can bend easily.  The strips are about 3 inches.  I use hot glue or masking tape.  I make sure to reinforce the top where I will put the string.  Clear tape does not stick to paper machie.

I put the other shape on.

I put the other layers of cardboard on.

I reinforced with masking tape areas that the hot glue would not hold and put the string on.  I use a clothes line.

Paper machie.  I use powder wall paper paste that is mixed to my preference and newspaper strips.

The more layers of paper machie the stronger the piņata.

I used shredded tissue paper.  Now the butterfly is fuzzy.

Fuzzy Butterfly










Just cause you are not participating doesn't mean I'm not going to take your picture




And now it's all a blur

Other piņatas that I have made

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